Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rejected Over 200 Times...

I know this video is extremely long and in the interest of respecting everyone's time I am not asking you to watch it from beginning to to end, though if you want feel free, I enjoyed it. What I want to reference is the last few minutes of the video (Starting at 41:14). 

This is actually the last question from a viewer and this person asks; “Do you have any advice for budding new writers trying to get into this genre or any genre? What can you say to them just starting out?” 

I love Laurell K. Hamilton, her strength as a writer, her stories and the characters she brings to life. And because of that I want to hear how she feels about New Writers and The Publishing industry in the last few minutes of this BookTalk. I couldn’t agree more with her opinion. 

There are two things that she focuses on in her response to this question. The first is making sure you are ready. Many talk about getting published but don’t have the words so I will summarize.

“Write. Sometimes you have to stop talking about it. Sit your butt in the chair. Get the crap out of the way and get to the gold.” 

And lastly, this part is a little more personal to me. I cannot understand for the life of me why people give away their work. Don’t give away your blood sweat and tears. You beat your brain-in emotionally for what 3 months, 6 months, closer to a year with rewrites for some, to what, give it away? No. Believe in your work. Believe it has value. 

I love her honesty and I can’t agree with her viewpoint any more. 

Guilty Pleasures was rejected over 200 times, yes more than 200. Don’t give up don’t take short cuts. Many of us agree the publishing world needs to move forward but at the same time some of the structured processes needs to stay in place. Continue writing, keep writing, don't stop writing.

“We need more good stories.” – Laurell K. Hamilton 

I am interested in hearing what you think. Maybe it isn't so black and white. What are your thoughts?